User Login Magic Links

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The User Login Magic Links plugin is directed toward web developers.
It allows admins to generate AutoLogin links for their corresponding user accounts for debug purposes.
With this plugin, it is possible to log in to any user’s account without the need for a password. For security purposes, this plugin comes with a feature via which a given link will expire after a certain period of time to ensure there is no misuse of the link. The magic link contains an encrypted login code that can be auto-generated whenever the admin refreshes the users’ page from the WordPress backend.


Once this plugin is activated, the AutoLogin links can be found in a new column on the users’ page for different users. Admin can copy that link and can access it by opening it or redirecting it directly to a web browser.
Admin can set up the link expiration time from the WordPress General Settings. This setting allows to set expiration time up to 60 minutes maximum.
Once the preset expiry time is reached, the link becomes inactive or expires on its own, and the user will not be able to use the same login link again.

The auto-generated login link will look like the one below:{d4a2f6043bf7936bb213f52afe7163cf679d37b354506201b8d50f432e24bc16}2FTmD{d4a2f6043bf7936bb213f52afe7163cf679d37b354506201b8d50f432e24bc16}2BHOjBduCCZw{d4a2f6043bf7936bb213f52afe7163cf679d37b354506201b8d50f432e24bc16}3D{d4a2f6043bf7936bb213f52afe7163cf679d37b354506201b8d50f432e24bc16}3D

Anyone with the login link will be entitled to access the corresponding user’s account until the link expires.